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Modded Hori T5 (Tekken 5) stick: Bought pre-made from Paik4Life...

- I swapped the original Fanta joystick with my modded/ tuned FightingStick SS joystick: tuned actuators, levered transparent microswitches (under tension), spring shaft cover (under compression), square gate, partially transparent dustcover... it's basically on a 'hair-trigger'!

- Crown screw-in 28mm buttons for everything...

- The supplied Viewtiful Joe art has great use of 'solid' colours; the plexi covering it only uses 4 bolts, instead of the usual 6... I made one tiny change (Paik should recognize it!)

Love it for fighters and shmups! Smile

· Date: 12/9/2007 · Views: 23437 ·
Rating: ********* 8.50
Keywords: Viewtiful Joe Stick, modded T5 (Tekken 5)
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Registered: March 2009
Posts: 1
3/18/2009 1:38am

Hey man!

I'm modding my T5 with crown buttons soon - are they lose? I know that T5s have 30mm holes...

Registered: November 2007
Posts: 7
3/18/2009 7:35am

The T5 button holes have little metal tabs. If you leave them (don't file those tabs away), then those Crown *screw-ins* can drop in nicely. If they're Crown *snap-ins*, I don't know if they'll fit properly though...

Registered: November 2007
Posts: 7
3/18/2009 7:46am

^^ Also, the T5 case I'm referring to is the US, black case version. There's a JPN, white case version IIRC, and I don't think its button holes have those metal tabs...

Registered: October 2011
Posts: 20
11/1/2011 9:33pm Rating: 10.00 

This is way too cool. I still cant believe I broke this stick metal plate

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